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Jul 16 2012

If you were wondering…

If you were wondering what I mean when I describe the MS Delta as rural…

1. There’s only one movie theater in the whole of the delta. Yes, you read that right. One. From the northern tip all the down to the southern corner, the only movie theater is in Greenville. If you don’t go to Greenville, you must drive to Jackson, MS or to Memphis, TN.

2. The closest airport is 2 hours away.

3. The closest city is also 2 hours away. That’s where the airport is.

4. Big highways have two lanes on either side of the median. Everything else is a two lane stretch of road. There is no such thing as a street light on the highways at night.

5. Dirt roads still exist.

6. Malls? Shopping? Target? What are those things again?

7. Crop dusters. They also exist. You see them. They look like they would be fun to fly.

8. Your town is big if it has a Wal-mart or more than one McDonalds.

9. Any place within 1 hour of your location is considered reasonably close. “Delta Close”.

10. You build relationships with the community through going to Wal-mart, the Double Quick gas station, and the post office. If you don’t immediately see one of your students there, wait five minutes. They will come.

Also, fields. Fields everywhere you look.

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