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Jun 28 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

Today we administered a mid-institute survey to all students in the school. It asked about the classroom culture from the very broad (why do you come to school) to the very specific (Do you like your teacher?) Because our entering first graders can neither read nor write, we administered the survey orally. Here are some of the best answers…

Why do you come to school?

A: So you can get smart and grow your brain

What do you want to be when you grow up?

J: A football player. A basketball player. A weight lifter. And a cowboy.

S: A princess.

J2: A dragon rider. I have a dragon in my backyard. He’s black. And poisonous. Only I can ride him. I need to get smart so I won’t fall off the dragon and bust my head open.

What are the rules in our class?

S: Everybody learn and play. Don’t act a fool in class.

J2: Don’t end up on the [consequence] tracker.

Are kids nice or mean?

A: Everyone’s nice. But one’s mean. J2 pushed in the line at breakfast.

J: Everyone’s nice. J2 like me. He really likes to jump off boats.

Does your teacher like you?

J2, J, S & A: Yes, because you walk in the door happy. (or nice, or friendly etc.)

Do you like your teacher?

S: No. I love you!

Does your teacher try to help all the kids in our class learn and have fun?

S: They learn in class. They don’t have fun- it’s ok, you don’t play in class. You learrrn.




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