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Jun 13 2012

2 Days In

When it rains in the delta, it feels as if one should invest in an ark. And start herding animals two by two because the end of the world is clearly impending. However, if one is at TFA Institute in the Delta, one will brave the apocalypse to dash across the new campus lake and arrive soaking wet at the 2012 Opening Ceremony. After much cheering, one dashes back to the dorm and weathers out the rest of the night in the dorm, because these storms last allll night.

Subsequently, the ceiling of my third floor dorm room is leaking. No one picked up the emergency maintaince contact number this morning… so… that’s still a minor issue… But since we can put a bucket under it and don’t spend much time in the dorm room anyway, we’ll probably survive until the maintenance people arrive. Gotta love dorm living.

Institute has been very informative. We really started digging into detailing a broad vision for our classroom and the finer details of lesson planning. There isn’t too much exciting on that front, lots of sessions, small group discussions, getting to know the co-lab I’ll be teaching with this summer. I’m excited to start working with the kids- I’ll be in a 1st grade classroom mainly teaching math. (Shout out to my undergrad research lab people who are studying Early Childhood Education Numeracy :) Any good tips?)

Now, time to be a good adult/professional/real world human being and prep for the morning!

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