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Jun 10 2012

Enter the South

Induction in the Delta has ended. We have been given a full day of free time to sit back, reflect, and wait for several other regions to join us on Sunday to kick-off institute.

From the road trip to the Delta, to moving into Delta State University, to session after session and starting to meet the community, there certainly hasn’t been any time to waste or a moment to spare. (So sorry, mom and dad, for not calling until this morning. I promise I am alive and in good spirits at this point.) And in the week spent exploring, talking, and starting to learn the history and spirit of the region, I have learned two things, 1) ┬áThe Delta is beautiful, 2) The people are passionate about their communities, their children, and building a stronger future for all.

I am excited, and terrified, to start institute tomorrow. Graduating from college and tackling a completely new and different challenge didn’t seem real until this past week. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my promise to keep everyone updated about life, work, and adventure in the Delta!

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