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Jul 16 2012

If you were wondering…

If you were wondering what I mean when I describe the MS Delta as rural…
1. There’s only one movie theater in the whole of the delta. Yes, you read that right. One. From the northern tip all the down to the southern corner, the only movie theater is in Greenville. If you don’t go to Greenville, you must drive to Jackson, MS or to Memphis, TN.
2. The closest airport is 2 hours away.
3. The closest city is also 2 hours away. That’s where the airport is.
4. Big highways have two lanes on either side of the median. Everything else is a two lane stretch of road. There is no such thing as a street light on the highways at night.
5. Dirt roads still exist.
6. Malls? Shopping? Target? What are those things again?
7. Crop dusters. They also exist. You see them. They look like they would be fun to fly.
8. Your…

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Jul 16 2012

It’s Really Over?

Institute is over. As O would say, “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU JESUS” (with accompanying hand motions of praise, of course).   The kids are home. The classroom cleaned and reorganized. Files of student work sent off to the district. There were some hugs. There were a few tears. One student was adamant that…

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Jun 28 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

Today we administered a mid-institute survey to all students in the school. It asked about the classroom culture from the very broad (why do you come to school) to the very specific (Do you like your teacher?) Because our entering first graders can neither read nor write, we administered the survey orally. Here are some…

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Jun 23 2012

The Children Are Here

The first week of teaching has come to an end. The days are long, but I’ve loved every minute spent with the kids. The entering summer school classrooms are tiny, only 5 students per class. Somehow, I still manage to occasionally mix up names. But we’ve been able to get to know all 5 pretty…

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Jun 17 2012

Beauty in the Land

Mississippi Delta is a place where if you don’t take the time to pay you might miss the beauty of the land around you. It’s the place where if you don’t understand “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” or “Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” you’ll never take the time to experience and…

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Jun 13 2012

2 Days In

When it rains in the delta, it feels as if one should invest in an ark. And start herding animals two by two because the end of the world is clearly impending. However, if one is at TFA Institute in the Delta, one will brave the apocalypse to dash across the new campus lake and…

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Jun 10 2012

Enter the South

Induction in the Delta has ended. We have been given a full day of free time to sit back, reflect, and wait for several other regions to join us on Sunday to kick-off institute. From the road trip to the Delta, to moving into Delta State University, to session after session and starting to meet…

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